A man indicted for sexual assault in a kindergarten


                Several children in the school were sexually assaulted (illustration). – C. Allain / 20 Minutes
            A young apprentice accused of sexual assault in a nursery school in Lille.
The suspect was indicted and placed under judicial control.
Several children are concerned.

On Wednesday, an apprentice Atsem (Territorial Agent specializing in nursery schools) was indicted for sexual assault on minors aged 15 years. He is suspected of having touched several children attending a nursery school in Lille.

The mis en cause is about twenty years according to our information. He was in alternating training to become
Atsem. The practical part of his schooling was carried out within the
nursery school group Moulin-Pergaud, in the district of Lille-Sud. The police officers of the Juvenile Brigade of Lille, in charge of the preliminary investigation, arrested and placed in custody this individual at the beginning of the week. During his hearings, the mis en cause acknowledged the facts alleged against him, namely touching sexual nature on several children of the school.

Charged and placed under judicial supervision

At the end of his custody, apprentice Atsem was referred to the Lille prosecutor's office on Wednesday and presented to an examining magistrate. He was indicted "of the head of sexual assault on minors of fifteen years" confirmed the parquet floor of Lille near 20 Minutes. The suspect was then placed under judicial control with "prohibition of contact with victims, prohibition of contact with minors and prohibition to engage in a professional or voluntary activity in relation to minors," said the prosecutor.

The discovery of the facts goes back to last Thursday, when the director of the school made a report about this apprentice Atsem. A three-year-old told his mother about sexual touching. The child had then designated the young man, recently arrived at school as part of his training. The mother of the child had lodged a complaint against "X" and a preliminary investigation had been opened in the wake of Lille's miners' brigade. In parallel, the town hall had immediately "suspended as a precautionary" the mis en cause.

Several child victims

According to our information, the three-year-old boy is not the only victim in this case. As early as last Friday, Lille City Hall had organized a meeting with parents of kindergarten students. Parents were asked to pay special attention to the behavior of their children and to report any changes immediately.

In addition to the number of victims, it will also be necessary to ask the question of the management of the mis en cause during his working days with children. The apprentice, under the responsibility of a master trainer, was not supposed to be alone, especially in the dormitories. A judicial investigation has been opened and the investigation is continuing.







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