An unreal encounter between Kanye West and Donald Trump at the White House


                Donald Trump received rapper Kanye West at the White House on October 11, 2018. – Ron Sachs / NEWSCOM / SIPA
            The scene is singular to say the least: a rapper, Kanye West, monopolizing the floor for 10 minutes, cackling on the head and mobile phone on the desk of the President of the United States, to talk about his masculine attributes, his mental disorders and urban violence. Donald Trump had decided to receive on Thursday at the White House the superstar of rap, one of his most fervent supporters, evidence according to the American president of his popularity with the black electorate.

In front of the press and accompanied by the former American football player Jim Brown, "Ye", as he wants to be called now, presented himself in the Oval Office wearing the famous red cap with the slogan of the campaign candidate Trump , "Make America Great Again".

"The balls of the bear"

"There is something when I wear this cap, it makes me feel like Superman. This is my favorite superhero. He then defined himself as someone who "admired" the American president and the industrial sector, "without politics or bullshit," he said.

"I love Hillary. I love everyone, but the campaign 'I'm with her' just did not make me feel like she was something like this Superman, "famed musician Kanye West said of his MAGA hat while discussing masculinity, the economy and its brand POLITICO (@politico) October 11, 2018
Continuing to use a language not suited to the solemnity of the place, he assured to have had "the balls" to wear the cap. He then explained, for the sake of economic protectionism like Donald Trump, asking the Casper mattress company to relocate their production sites to American soil.

Kanye decries "trap door of the 13th amendment" and "how to sleep" was diagnosed as bipolar disorder. Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) October 11, 2018
In a whirlwind of words, he also opened up on the bipolarity that he was diagnosed, explaining that he simply lacked sleep. Incidentally, he unlocked his iPhone in front of the cameras, unveiling his – little imaginative – secret code: 00000

Kanye West has his personal iPhone inside the Oval Office, and his iPhone PIN is 0000. Ray [REDACTED] (@RayRedacted) October 11, 2018
At the end of his monologue, during which President Trump merely nodded, the two men hugged each other, before going to lunch away from the cameras. "I'll tell you something that was pretty impressive," commented the Republican billionaire. "It was something."

" He's a genius "

In the morning, during an interview on the conservative channel Fox News, the former real estate mogul was back on his relationship with the artist: "I love him very much, he's a friend of mine, I have known for a long time. "In the world of music they say he's a genius," he said of the Chicago rapper, one of the biggest rap stars in the US and around the world.

Kanye West had supported Donald Trump after his election in November 2016, including a visit to the Trump Tower in New York. Such a position had detonated in the middle of the American rap, mostly black and opposite to the Republican billionaire.

"When Kanye revealed (his position) a few months ago, something happened, I climbed 25% in the polls. Never seen. He is very followed in the black community. Very, very followed, "said Trump Thursday morning on Fox News. "I have a lot of support among African Americans and it has not been badly developed recently with Kanye," he continued.

During their lunch, Kanye West will discuss a number of topics, including prison reform and violence in Chicago, his hometown ravaged by gang clashes. In May, the president had already received the singer's wife, Kim Kardashian.







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