Android condemnation: Google wants to recover 4 billion euros


Update: Google has contacted the editorial staff of to remind
that the appeal is not suspensive and that the fines would be paid and
had been provisioned in the accounts of the company. The object is
to emphasize that it does not oppose the obligation to pay or
refuses to acquit him, but contests by his appeal his
conviction on the merits. Thanks to its appeal procedure, Google hopes
cancel the sanction or have it reviewed. The firm has the
 concern for the words and terms used. The editorial staff of ZDNet chose
to change the original title of the article ("Google does not want to pay 4
billions of euros ") to add more nuances to the treatment devoted to
 the call filed by Google and its involvement.

Google has filed this week an appeal for its conviction to 4.34 billion euros for violation of antitrust rules of the European Union, confirmed July, the European Commission issued a historic decision and pronounced the the highest fine to date against a company. Google has been condemned for the restrictions imposed on Android device manufacturers and network operators. Europe on the side of OS owners According to the magistrates, these practices were aimed at "consolidating its dominant position in the general search on the Internet". Specifically, the European Commission has pinned three types of restrictions imposed by Google: Obligation for manufacturers to pre-install the Google Search app and Google Chrome, prerequisite to obtaining a license for Google's App Store payments to certain major manufacturers and operators of mobile networks provided that they pre-install exclusively the Google Search application prohibited to manufacturers wishing to preinstall Google applications to sell any mobile device running under a fork of Android in response to this conviction, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reacted in July to a blog post titled "Android has created more choice, not less." In addition to the competition of iOS, the leader ensures that its ecosystem is competitive, manufacturers and operators are free to pre-install the applications they wish.6.7 billion euros in fine deliberate "They refused to European consumers the benefits of effective competition (…) which is illegal under the antitrust rules of the EU "justified on the contrary the European regulator, accused by Google of showing a" disturbing favoritism in favor of closed proprietary systems. "It should also be noted that the European Commission has also summoned the American company" to put an end to its illegal practices within 90 days, on pain of being subject to penalties of up to 5% of the figure. Alphabet's Global Medium Everyday Business ", the parent company of Google.Google is already appealing another European decision. Last year, the authorities sentenced Google to a fine of 2.4 billion euros for unfairly promoting its shopping service.

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