Apple: Original Video Programs Offered to iOS and TVOS Users

Apple's offensive in video streaming could pass
by an aggressive and original offer. According to the chain
American CNBC,
the firm at the apple plans to mix free original content with
subscription offers to very popular streaming services such as
those of HBO and Starz across the Atlantic. This offer would be reserved for
Owners of an iOS device or tvOS. She would go through a new
TV application from which customers could subscribe and access
to all services without having to install the dedicated applications of each.
According to CNBC, Apple has a $ 1 billion envelope to produce its
own content without sex and violence in order to spread them
to a wide audience without legal risks. In September, the Wall Street
Newspaper revealed that Apple had a little over twenty
original programs being produced and written. The launch of
this hybrid offer would be planned for early 2019. (Eureka Presse)

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