Artificial intelligence is on tour all over France!


    Artificial intelligence, or AI, has gone beyond the doors of R & D centers to take concrete faces in a number of sectors: financial trading algorithms, medical data processing and statistics database management. insurance players are already based on predictive platforms, capable of analyzing in real time sometimes considerable historical data in order to draw conclusions and propose predefined scenarios to those responsible for the strategy.
Closer to home, a simple Google query makes use of considerable self-learning artificial intelligence resources to continually improve the relevance and personalization of the proposed results. Whatever the territory explored, the gains generated by the performance of these solutions are in billions of euros and decide the validity of a model or the programmed end of a less agile competitor.

A tailor-made strategy

The key to this resource management revolution? An in-depth transformation of how companies aggregate their data, consolidate their assets, drive their resources and speed up their decision-making processes. As you can see, behind these results, whose strategic relevance is proven, we find an IT infrastructure designed from the outset to serve the most accurately mapped business needs. IT managers are well aware: 81% of them believe that if their company is not able to take charge of its own digital transformation, it will be in immediate danger.

   To achieve this, Dell Technologies has developed a tightly interfaced, four-step methodology to effectively connect the company's resources with its future business needs. Application transformation, datacenter modernization thanks to software-defined and hyperconvergence, workflow evolution and flow security, four major pillars of this new era of digital performance detailed by Pascal Mouysset, General Manager France MidMarket at Dell EMC.

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On the road to performance as a Service!

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