Authorities fear maritime pollution after collision between two ships


                The Cypriot container ship Virginia (on the right) and the Tunisian ro-ro ship Ulysses (on the left) collided around 7.30am. – Maritime prefecture
            There are no wounded. But the collision between Virginia and Ulysses, this Sunday morning, off Cape Corse, could have serious consequences for the environment. The maritime prefecture of
Mediterranean decided to send on the spot the
Jason, a ship specializing in the fight against maritime pollution. Italian reinforcements should arrive on the zone as well.

The Italian authorities have proposed the contribution of means to participate in the treatment of pollution collision Ulysses-CLS Virginia. The #RAMOGEPOL France-Monaco-Italy mechanism has just been activated. #collisionenmer Mediterranean Prémar (@Premarmed) October 7, 2018
A sheet of product, the nature of which is currently unknown, has indeed been observed between the two ships by a helicopter of the National Gendarmerie. The collision between the two boats caused a gap of several meters in the hull of CLS Virginia, a container ship that flies the flag of Cyprus.

The Virginia was at anchor at the time of the collision

The Ulysses is a Tunisian ship that carries cars. The collision occurred about 28 kilometers northwest of Cap Corse. The Virginia was stationed there when the Ulysses ship collided with him.







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