Bamba, Pepe, defense … Lille is launched on very high bases in Ligue 1


                Le Losc does not stop shining in Ligue 1 – DENIS CHARLET / AFP
            Lille is a solid second in the league after nine days.
With nineteen points in nine games, Lille has already done as well as last season after 19 days.

Frankly, nobody would have bet on it a few weeks ago. At the bottom of the abyss last season when the club has almost come down, Lille is the surprise team of this start of the season in Ligue 1. Winner of Saint-Etienne Saturday at home (3-1), the
 Losc is a solid second in the championship. With nineteen points on the clock, the club has already registered as many points as last year after … nineteen days. And other figures also have something to turn their heads.

An impeccable Pierre Mauroy stadium

One of the explanations for this successful start to the season is due to home performances by Losc. With five wins in five games, the northerners were uncompromising on their lands. And among the victims, there are not only second knives. Talk to Marseille (3-0) or Saint-Etienne (2-1) left unbridled North.

90 'VICTOOOOIRE 😍 Authors of a great performance, the Dogues are once again at home! 👊 # LOSCASSE (3-1) LOSC (@losclive) October 6, 2018
"We have just done two great performances in slightly different registers. It's a lot of work and investment. I am satisfied with the behavior of the team, "says Christophe Galtier, the coach of a much less effective Losc out of his land with four points out of twelve.

An attack on fire and a solid defense.

Difficult to find a real weak point to this northern team. At the offensive level, the superlatives are starting to miss given what the Bip Bip (Bamba Ikoné Pépé) have done since the start of the season by having scored fourteen of the club's seventeen goals. This Saturday, Bamba gave himself a double and a decisive pass against his former club. With seven goals, the player joined Neymar at the top of the scorers' standings.

This is what is called a VERY good rookie @losclive! Bamba is already 7 goals since the beginning of the season! Only top scorer of the @ Ligue1Conforama 😏It is in Lille we see that, you do not dream 🤩 # LOSCASS #LOSC LOSC Family (@LOSC_Family) October 6, 2018
"I'm lucky with myself, I try a lot and I also have my partners who put me in trust and in good conditions," says the 22-year-old striker who has not made feelings with his training club . On the side of Nicolas Pepe, it also continues to flambé. With a sixth goal and a fourth assist, the 23-year-old striker has rare statistics in Europe. This exceptional offensive potential makes the happiness of Losc even if Galtier does not forget his defenders.

"Before the match, we are the best defense of the championship. In order for the offensive sector to be able to express itself, everyone must make the effort, "says the North coach. It shows less but with seven goals conceded in nine games, Lille also shines behind.

Ambitions revised upwards?

Given this impressive start to the season, everyone is now wondering where the Losc will go. History of not getting excited, Jonathan Bamba prefers to recall the ambitions set by the club early in the season. "The goals are always the same to finish in the top ten. We do not hide but it's only the ninth day, "said the striker Lille. If the Losc is very cautious, it is because the club has not forgotten last season.

Candidate declared top 5, the Losc had galley all season to save his skin in Ligue 1. The lesson seems to have been retained where this humility facade. "It's unexpected, but as my father often said, appetite comes with eating. That players keep this appetite without becoming obese. The points are there and when there will be less good shots, these points will do us good, "said Galtier. So much for the official side. Unofficially, with such performances, Lille slowly begins to dream of Europe … without shouting too loudly.







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