"Beast", "bad", "Freemason" … An internal document sheet of FO frames, denounces "The Duck Chained"


                Pascal Pavageau, secretary of Force Ouvrière (FO), on January 17, 2018 in Paris. – Jean-Francois Badias / AP / SIPA
            Names of birds do you want, here and slippery deserts slips on droppings. More than a hundred FO officials have been listed in an internal document, says Le Canard chained in its Wednesday edition. "Beast", "bad", "false", "completely crazy", "silly", "Freemason (…) but also" appreciated by PP (Pascal Pavageau), "hate"
JCM (Jean-Claude Mailly) "," too smart to admit him to the Confederal Bureau "… These comments were written next to the names. "This thick file was created in October 2016 by relatives of
Pascal Pavageau, the new boss of FO, then in the running to replace Jean-Claude Mailly ", writes the satirical palmipede, and concerns" 126 officials "of the union.

Asked by the weekly, said Pascal Pavageau, secretary general of FO, explained that it was a "beautiful bullshit" and a "serious mistake". "For me, it was a memo, in the order of taking notes, but I had never seen or endorsed the result, which is riddled with nonsense, shortcuts".

For his part, Jean-Claude Mailly, the former secretary of FO reacted on Franceinfo: "It's surreal, it hurts me for the organization, I fall from the closet."

Jean-Claude Mailly "falls out of the closet" after the revelations on the frameshipping at Force ouvrièrehttps: //t.co/RERV0ymyOe pic.twitter.com/R0cyl7IzTu- franceinfo (@franceinfo) October 9, 2018







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