Business belonging to Antoine, disappeared in 2016, discovered near a skeleton


                Antoine disappeared from Clarensac on March 1st, 2016. The Calvisson gendarmerie opened an investigation for worrying disappearance – DR
            In Clarensac, the investigators may be on the trail of Antoine, a 15-year-old who disappeared in 2016, in the biggest mystery. Saturday, hunters discovered a skeleton, hanging in a forest near this village of Gard.

Difficult to access, the area was quickly cordoned off by the gendarmes, and investigations were launched, to try to define the circumstances of the death of this individual. From the first hours, Eric Maurel, the public prosecutor of Nimes, had indicated that the state of the body revealed "an old presence". Impossible then, "given the state of the body and clothing," to identify this person, even if quickly, Antoine's track, disappeared in 2016, was mentioned.

The teenager's family has been notified

On Sunday, new disturbing elements were reported, which could support this thesis: questioned by 20 Minutes, the prosecutor said that "some of the objects found on the scene were recognized as having belonged to Antoine".

However, continues the magistrate, "the state of the body does not allow to have certainty. The purpose of the autopsy will be to determine the exact cause of death. The prosecution was also waiting, Sunday afternoon, results of DNA analysis, "for the purposes of identification of the deceased." If there was nothing to indicate formally Sunday, it was the body of the teen Gard, his family was "warned of this discovery," said the prosecutor, Eric Maurel, Saturday.

Antoine disappeared in Clarensac, a small village of 4,000 inhabitants, near Nîmes, on March 1, 2016. The teenager, aged 15 at the time of his disappearance, vanished after leaving his home in the middle of -midi, without his identity papers and without his mobile phone. According to the investigation, the young Gardois simply said to his father and his brother, "I'm coming back". At four o'clock the young man was last seen, buying a lighter at the local tobacco shop. Since then, nothing. At the time, the surroundings of Clarensac had been combed. In vain.







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