But why is not Apple more admired?


Everyone loves Apple, does not it? Of course, when I say love, I mean admire. No ? Respect, then? Apple still seems to emerge at the top of the brand rankings. So it's strange to see him nowhere in the new list of the most admired employers in the United States. Working at the Post Office rather than at Apple Created by consulting firm Morning Consult – based on more than 17,000 interviews of consumers by brand on average -, the survey of the most admired employers shows that Amazon and Google are on par. Microsoft is in third position. Netflix is ​​fifth with Hershey and, oh, the US Postal Service. Could it really be that Americans prefer to be postmen rather than Apple engineers? Or does it seem too difficult to consider? It has been said many times that working at Apple was not a walk in a field full of dew on a sunny Sunday morning. Those I know who work there confirm this point of view. Worse, however, has been said about Amazon. The e-merchant has been accused of treating his employees very badly. Yes, even by Bernie Sanders. How, then, can Amazon appear at the top, with Google, a company known for its beautiful employee lunches and gilded handcuffs? Apple declined to comment. I dug a little the numbers and I'm afraid to have found at least a partial answer. Like many other difficult topics in America today, we have a generational gap. Future graduates dream of prestige Apple Hark ranks first from Morning Consult's list of the most admired employers among college graduates and Apple comes in fifth place. It is only beaten by Microsoft, Amazon, Google and, oh, Walt Disney. (US postal services do not rank in the top 10.) Would those who crave an admirable career – and at its doorstep – understand the prestige attached to a job at Apple? . How long will this feeling last? "I then looked at the list of the most admired employers among Generation Y. Google comes first. Netflix is ​​second. Microsoft is third. YouTube is fourth. As for Apple, it's not in the top 10 millennials. Samsung is number 10.The competition for talent among technology companies is severe, particularly because of the uncertainty surrounding this status due to the government's attitude towards immigration. is there any work to do to make it more attractive to candidates, or could it be that only the fresh, enthusiastic young people are mentally prepared for life on the Apple Spaceship? Again, another ranking has been published today. This one, from Forbes, lists the best employers in the world. Apple comes third. Amazon places itself fifth. Does the rest of the world see Apple more favorably than the Americans? Article "Apple fails to make a list of America's most admired employers" translated and adapted by Christophe Auffray, ZDNet.fr

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