Deleting Data in Windows 10: It Will not Happen (Maybe) More


Microsoft has modified its Feedback Hub tool for testers in its Windows Insiders program. The publisher has indeed found that many testers have already reported the same problems of file deletion, bugs that have forced Microsoft to end the deployment of the update of Windows 10 October 2018. Rather than having to block the update of Windows 10 version 1809 after its diffusion to the users, Microsoft could have solved this problem upstream. It would have required that its engineers are alerted by several reports of Insiders reassembled on Microsoft Feedback Hub and being data loss after the upgrade. Many reports of drowned bugs In a short note published with the announcement of troubleshooting, Microsoft revealed that it had also added a new feature to Feedback Hub. This allows Windows Insiders and users to report the severity of the problems they share with Microsoft. "We think this will allow us to better monitor the most important issues, even when the volume of comments is low," says Brandon. LeBlanc from the Windows Insider Program Team. "You can now tell the severity of your problem and its impact on your experience when sending new comments." Microsoft argues that reported data loss represented "one-hundredth of percent of installations of version 1809. Nevertheless, as he acknowledges, any data loss is very serious and if such incidents were reported during the test phase of version 1809, it would have been better to resolve them before users aware of the presence of bugs on unstable versions. The White does not explain how the system of gravity index functio nnera, but it could help to solve the problem of inconspicuous reports in Feedback Hub because of the low volume of reports, system that could have failed in this case in two ways.Feedback Hub relies on the upward vote to allow users to say that they have encountered the same problem as the one described in an existing report, rather than creating a duplicate report. Also failure of Feedback Hub's Collections feature However, reports are not voted on users only if they search for and identify a bug similar to theirs and then vote to report it.Microsoft last year added a feature called Collections to Feedback Hub to automatically group common reports. This feature should solve the problem of users who do not recognize the similarity between bugs.The Collections feature groups together the common reports and adds all the positive votes obtained by each of the reports.However, as noted by Rafael Rivera, observer of Microsoft, there are "tons of reports in Feedback on the loss of data during the upgrade" to version 1809. But the reports have not been voted on by users or grouped in Collections, which resulted in the burying of critical issues. "There are a lot of reports with low vote levels, and the automatic clustering of Feedback Hub has failed so they've been overwhelmed by the noise," Rivera writes, adding that the resolution of this problem poses difficulties. Microsoft has promised to monitor all comments related to the loss of data from the Windows Insider community with the "greatest vi gilance "before redeploying Windows 10 version 1809 to all users.Microsoft first deploys the corrected version of Windows 10 1809 to members of the Windows Insider program in Slow and Release Preview modes. Article "Windows 10 1809 bungle: We will not miss early again reports reports, says Microsoft" translated and adapted by

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