Expertised tarpaulins and new discoveries on the main suspect


                In the street Pearl, in front of the building where lived the principal suspect in the disappearance of Sophie Le Tan. – G. Varela / 20 Minutes
            The investigation into the disappearance of Sophie Le Tan, a student who came to visit an apartment in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin) a month ago, advance. According to information from Franceinfo, tarpaulins were found in the car of
Jean-Marc Reiser, the main suspect indicted for "murder, kidnapping and forcible confinement". These tarpaulins are being analyzed. Another revelation, this time reported by our colleagues in the newspaper Le Parisien, the amount of blood highlighted in the bathroom thanks to Bluestar product on the walls and pipes, is important.

Another disturbing fact, the photo used by the suspect to illustrate his real estate ad, an announcement that could have been published to set a trap according to the lawyer of the family of Sophie Le Tan, was actually a photo of the interior of the his mother's apartment, says Franceinfo.

His travels abroad studied closely

Another discovery investigators, Jean-Marc Reiser would have done on the Internet research on the extradition conventions of French nationals abroad, especially in Asian and African countries, still reveals Le Parisien. The main suspect's travel abroad, which could be numerous, will be watched very closely by the investigators.







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