Facebook hijacking: Irish data protection authority opens investigation


An inquiry has just been opened by Europe following
hacking of Facebook that touched some 50 million account. She will
conducted by the Irish Data Protection Authority acting on behalf of
its counterparts in the European Union, whose CNIL is part of France.
The purpose of this investigation will be to determine if Facebook has complied
provisions of the GDPR that require an online service to "put
appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure
the security and protection of the personal data it processes. "

Following Facebook's announcement of this piracy, the authority
Irish had indicated that less than five
million European user accounts would be affected and
waited for the social network to provide more details for each country. The
US giant is conducting its own investigation which has allowed it to determine that the
hackers were unable to access third-party accounts applications
Facebook. (Eureka Press)

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