French people angry with reading? An accepted idea


                In 2017, 28% of French people said they were great readers. – SUPERSTOCK / SUPERSTOCK / SIPA
            Are the French angry with reading? While 567 novels come out for the return to literature, 20 Minutes takes stock.
According to an IPSOS survey published in 2017, 89% of French people aged 15 and over read at least one printed book in the previous 12 months.

The French, angry with reading? Friday morning guest on France Info on the occasion of the
Back in literature, Cécile Boyer-Runge, CEO of Editions Robert Laffont, came back on this received idea: "It is said that people, and especially young people, read less and less. It's wrong. "

The director was right: according to an Ipsos barometer for the national book center, published in March 2017, 89% of French people aged 15 and over read at least one book printed in the previous twelve months. Two years ago, at the time of publication of the
first barometer, they were also 89%.

28% of French people are even big readers, a stable proportion. They read more than 20 books in one year. 40% of French people are average readers, that is to say, they read 5 to 19 books in the twelve months preceding polls. In 2017, only 9% of those surveyed said they had read no books. They were 10% in 2015.

A slightly different picture

Surveys conducted by the Ministry of Culture between 1973 and 2008 depict slightly different cultural practices. In 1973, 70% of French people had read at least one book in the last twelve months. In 1988, 75% of them had done so. In 2008, the proportion dropped to 70%. The proportion of large readers, she has not stopped
falling from 28% in 1973 to 24% in 1988 and 16% in 2008.

However, these results must be approached with caution: the responses collected during the surveys "are never the only reflection of the behavior of the respondents," said the Ministry of Culture in 2008. For example, the question concerning the number of books read in the past year does not specify in any way whether comics, mangas, practical books, etc., should or should not be included in the calculation. In addition, the Ipsos barometers and the surveys carried out by the Ministry of Culture were not carried out with the same methodology. These are more tendencies than an exact radiograph of French society.

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