From "the divine injustice" to the return in Blue, how Payet digested the traumatism of summer 2018


                A year later, Dim is back in blue. – FRANCK FIFE / AFP
            After a year of absence in Blue, Dimitri Payet made his comeback in the French team after the Nabil Fekir package.
In great shape at the end of last season, the Marseillais had to give up the World Cup in Russia because of a thigh injury.
Payet had to overcome this trauma to return to the top this season, and finally find his teammates world champions.

Absentees are always wrong, it seems. Released on injury and in tears during the Europa League final between OM and Atlético de Madrid at the end of last season, Dimitri Payet, who will make his comeback in Blue for the matches against Iceland (Thursday) and Germany (Tuesday), saw his dreams of Mondial collapse in the space of a few seconds, the time of a thigh loose, the time to lose everything. The following is known: a group that is born, who lives and lives well, second post Pavard, the only of Belgium, the supreme victory under the deluge of Moscow.

But three months later, with Nabil Fékir's injury and forfeit, he is finally back with the French team on his back, rubbing shoulders with the world champions, those whose lives have changed, while Ultimate title, for him, "will never appear on [son] winners". An injury that will never really close and with which he will have to learn to live.

The time of mourning

"He experienced a trauma that is hard to imagine," said René Degenne, the recruiter who brought him to FC Nantes when he was 17 years old. From the moment you feel fit, that you feel that you will be part of this group of 23 in Russia, and all of a sudden everything stops because of an injury, good … He had to to mourn, as he himself said. It's strong. He considered this injury not as an injustice of being human, that is to say, he could not attack anyone, but let's say a kind of divine injustice, something that we do not do not explain, where when chance, misfortune and fate come to shake his destiny. "

Team France: Despite his injury, Dimitri Payet was hopeful to go to Russia 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) May 19, 2018
"First you had to mourn, between the disillusion of this final, the injury, you had to ignore it and it was very, very difficult," he said at the beginning of the season on his return to Marseille. I took the opportunity to heal, spend time with my family that I did not have the opportunity to find last year with matches every three days. "" As it is a boy who is very close to his parents, going to see them during this complicated period it has made a good fool, necessarily, "confirms Rene Degenne. We tried to know a little more about this return to the roots with his family, in Reunion, but Michelle, his mother, did not want to confide without the approval of the son. A son who was preparing to walk on Roudourou's lawn for training and who obviously did not have time to agree. Never mind.

World Cup: How Dimitri Payet "mourned" his non-selection 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) August 8, 2018
Age and experience helping, Dimitri Payet has finally tried to digest at best this bad blow of fate and, in front of the cameras of the French team, on his bed in Clairefontaine, the player plays the philosopher: "The good side of things is that I had a long vacation so I was able to do a complete preparation and since the beginning of the season it's going pretty well for me. "The head in the handlebars, the throttle full and no glance in the retro, so here's the recipe to get back to the top and not (too) cogitate (better). And it pays, indeed. In two months, the player is again the taulier of OM and Rudi Garcia did not hesitate to give him more responsibility by offering him the captain's armband.

His return in Blue, "it's the right reward for what he's been doing for months," said the Marseille coach in L'Equipe Wednesday. Dim is on a very good dynamic, he must be at 5 goals and 5 assists since the beginning of the season. He is efficient, he plays his role as the driving force of our attack, and then, beyond that, he is an exemplary person, he has completely taken the measure of his role as captain. It has taken a real dimension also from this point of view. "His selection is in the logic of things, he found a good level, confirmed his side
Didier Deschamps at a press conference. He still has a big influence on his team's game because he scores and scores. For a player like him who is in the creativity, it's still what we expect. "

A new status to accept

Remains that in the team of France, since its last appearance there is almost a year to the day, things have changed, quickly, very quickly, and the balance of power have been upset, the fault to a youth who There is no time to wait and the World Cup has propelled to the front of the stage. "After the World Cup, I told myself that it would be more difficult to continue with this youth who arrives strong, he agrees in all humility. But in fact I did not want to stop on this episode of the injury. "

If there is only time that will tell us how Payet will manage this return among the world champions, Rene Degenne does not seem to be too chopped: "He is very strong in his head. And today he has children, he has experienced, he is armored and he has always been able to withstand the various jolts he has known in his life. It will be alright. It is someone who is so, so attached to this blue jersey that he will take this back as something positive. "

"I missed the French team!" After 1 year of absence, @ dimpayet17 (31 years old) was summoned by Didier Deschamps following the withdrawal of Nabil Fékir. #FiersdetreBleus Team of France ⭐⭐ (@equipedefrance) October 10, 2018
"When we are away, we realize even more how important the team of France is in the career of a player. I still want to live moments like we have lived before and I think I still have a few years to give to the team of France. I do not know if I can project myself as far as the Euro 2020 but in any case I'm going to bite in as soon as we call on me. I know I do not have much (time) left so I'm going to make the most of it. "

This trauma and the absence of the World Cup will have at least made him aware that the international career of a player passes quickly and that we must take everything we can take as long as there is still time. It may begin Thursday evening on the lawn of Guingamp.







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