Gantzer launches its campaign for a "Paris en grand"


                Gaspard Gantzer launched his movement – Alain JOCARD / AFP
            To the conquest of the city hall of Paris! The former communications advisor of
François Hollande Gaspard Gantzer officially launched Thursday evening in a theater of the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris his movement "Parisians, Parisians", in view of municipal 2020.

"We have the energy to take back the keys of the city hall, the keys of #Paris" @gaspardgantzer @Parisien_nes Julien Diers (@JulienDiers) October 11, 2018
"I think Paris is too small, we have the smallest capital in the world, locked in its borders of the 19th century, it's a geographical and historical anomaly," says Gaspard Gantzer (who wants to remove the ring road) in front of about 300/400 people. #Municipal2020 Pierre Tremblay (@tremblay_p) October 11, 2018
In a fifteen-minute speech delivered to about 500 people at the Elysée Montmartre, Gaspard Gantzer said he wanted to build "Paris en grand". "I find that Paris is too small (…) (The capital) is locked in its periphery, it is locked in its borders of the nineteenth century (…) It is a historical anomaly, it is a geographical anomaly (…) I can not stand any more than candidates for mayor of Paris, for many years, right and left, play Paris intramural against his suburbs, "he said.

"A movement of citizens"

Gaspard Gantzer, who was also spokesman for the former mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe, recalled that the Parisian movement, Parisiens was "a movement of citizens" and he did not intend to appear under a partisan label.

"But it's not because we do not have a party that we do not have values," he said before listing them: freedom, solidarity, ecology and culture. He particularly affirmed his desire for a "massive plan" for the elderly, recalled his proposal to "remove the device" and "switch to all electric by 2025", and advocated for a doubling of the budget of the 'artistic education.

"It's a difficult challenge"

Gaspard Gantzer, who has not officially declared his candidacy, said that his movement had already "120 relay", in Paris and outside. "We're fed up with parties running in a loop with the same people," he said. In the room, few faces known or elected. Note the presence of Deputy Mayor of the Third District Benjamin Djiane, former adviser to Manuel Valls, and José Baghdad, former president of the PS group of the 15th arrondissement, where Anne Hidalgo is elected.

Communication advisor Robert Zarader – evening reporter for François Hollande -, UDE general delegate Mathieu Cuip and former LREM referent in Paris, Philippe Zaouati, have also moved on. "It's a difficult challenge but it can build bridges with many people, Anne Hidalgo, Bertrand Delanoe, the teams of the President of the Republic", commented to the press Gaspard Zarader. Aged 39, Gaspard Gantzer was a classmate of Emmanuel Macron at ENA.







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