Google Offers Onward, Automated Customer Service Specialist


Google has made a new acquisition in the field
of artificial intelligence. It's Onward,
a startup that offers an automated customer service solution for
companies. Originally, the solution named Agent Q was a virtual assistant
intended to help consumers with their purchases by providing them with
personalized recommendations.To automated customer service

But Onward realized there was a potential market more
important for companies wishing to automate and personalize their
customer service. Conversational AI uses natural language processing
to extract meaning from customer requests and uses other signals such as
geographical position, the activity history to customize and
contextualize his answers. To handle more complex queries, Onward has
developed a visual bot creation tool that allows customers to adapt
their answers with decision trees, offering customization
even finer. This service could easily be integrated into products
such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify and HubSpot.

Google has not disclosed the amount of the acquisition or its
intentions regarding the technology created by Onward. But we know that the
California giant is working on his own conversational AI, capable of
make phone calls and interact in natural language with a
human interlocutor. (Eureka Press)

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