His sister and brother-in-law soon confronted with her husband Jonathann


                Jonathann Daval, supported by his parents-in-law during a white march, now accuses his brother-in-law (left) of Alexia's murder. – Sebastien Bozon / AFP
            Plot or not plot? The mystery remains whole in the murder of
Alexia Daval, the 29-year-old bank employee, was killed on October 28, 2017.
Her husband Jonathann first appeared as a grieving widower alongside the victim's parents and relatives, before confessing his murder three months after the incident. He has since retracted his confession and now accuses his brother-in-law, the husband of the victim's sister, Gregory Gay.

The latter, invited with his wife Stéphanie, older sister of Alexia, of the show of Jacques Pradel on RTL, The hour of the crime, announced this Tuesday that the judge of instruction in charge of the affair had finally accepted that the couple is confronted with their accuser and main suspect in the case. "We received the response from the judge who responded favorably to our request." Alexia Daval's parents should also participate.

The gay couple and Alexia Daval's parents had announced at the beginning of October that they wanted to be confronted by their brother-in-law and son-in-law.

"I do not especially expect Jonathann's truth, since he has already lied to us so much that I'm not going to delude myself, we're not going to get the truth right now, but it was important that we put pressure on too, "said Gay. "There are tired of being the only ones to hit each other. It was important to give him a little bit, "he continued.

Jonathann indicted for "murder on spouse"

The 34-year-old computer lawyer's attorney, Randall Schwerdorffer, had expressed his intention to file an application for his client's release, saying it was in line with the "change of version". Indicted for "murder on spouse", he incurs criminal imprisonment for life.

The suspect reported the disappearance of Alexia, a 29-year-old bank clerk, on October 28, 2017, anxious not to see her return from a so-called jogging. His body was discovered, partly burned, in a wood, near Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saone), where the couple lived.

The autopsy revealed that the young woman had been subjected to violence, beatings and strangulation.







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