Interpol announces the resignation of its president after his "disappearance" in China


                Meng Hongwei photographed in 2017 at a conference in Singapore. – ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP
            Drunk news and a scenario worthy of a spy movie. Interpol announced this Sunday evening on Twitter, having received and accepted the resignation of its president Meng Hongwei, who had mysteriously disappeared in China for several days.

Statement by the INTERPOL General Secretariat on the resignation of Meng Hongwei. INTERPOL (@INTERPOL_HQ) October 7, 2018
In the afternoon, on Sunday, China announced that the president of the organization Interpol was suspected of "breaking the law."

Meng Hongwei "is currently under investigation because he is suspected of breaking the law," according to a statement posted on the website of the ruling Central Committee of Disciplinary Inspection of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), charged with repression of the corruption of civil servants.

A message with a funny emoticon

The 64-year-old Meng Hongwei had not heard from him since September 25, according to his wife, who reported Thursday night to the French police the "ominous disappearance" of her husband. Sunday, the latter said at a press conference in Lyon (Rhone) where Interpol is installed, she thought her husband in danger.

On September 25, he sent him a first message on a social network stating "wait for my call". Then a second message arrived with only an emoticon reflecting a situation of danger, she revealed this Sunday.

A flight from Stockholm and an investigation in France

A few days earlier, according to concordant sources, Meng Hongwei had flown to China from Stockholm (Sweden). On Saturday, Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock asked China "a clarification" on the situation of the president of the organization.

The Lyon prosecutor's office has since opened an investigation, entrusted to the judicial police, a device being also set up to "guarantee the safety" of his wife.

In its statement, Interpol announced that the vice-president of the organization, South Korean Kim Jong-yang became the new president as provided by the statutes.







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