Jewelery insurer attacks his former bodyguard


                Kim Kardashian with his bodyguard Pascal Duvier, September 29, 2016 in Paris. – Simon Decleves / SIPA
            Two years after Kim Kardashian's spectacular robbery in Paris, his insurance company sued his ex-bodyguard and claimed $ 6.1 million for failing to protect his reality star .

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in a state court in Delaware. It was filed by the insurance company American International Group and targets bodyguard Pascal Duvier and security company Protectsecurity for breach of contract, according to the court register.

Kim Kardashian alone while her sister was in a box

According to the text of the complaint, obtained by the site TMZ, the insurance company claims that Pascal Duvier has failed in his responsibilities, leaving the wife of the rapper Kanye West alone in his luxury residence in the Madeleine district this evening. the.

He is also accused of failing to report security breaches at the hotel – a missing lock on the courtyard gate, a failed intercom, or lack of surveillance cameras.

Pascal Duvier, who no longer works for the Kardashian, was released to accompany Kim's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, in a nightclub.

In its complaint, AIG claims that these security breaches allowed the thugs to enter Kim Kardashian's apartment. The company also complains that the concierge did not have security training, even though the latter and the hotel are not directly targeted.

The loot has never been found

During a robbery, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, who was in Paris for Fashion Week in October 2016, was threatened with a weapon on the temple, tied up, gagged, then locked in the bathroom. Once the thieves had left, she was able to undo her links and contact her bodyguard.

The five attackers had stolen a nearly four million euro ring, several diamond and gold jewelery, for a total amount estimated at nine million euros, the largest theft to the detriment of an individual for 20 years in France. The $ 6.1 million claimed by the insurance company is the amount she had to pay back to the star, according to TMZ.

Some 17 people were arrested in the months following the robbery. The loot was never found, but the investigators seized large sums of money.







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