"Kaamelott is a saga that needs the artifice of cinema"


                Alexandre Astier – Thomas Laisné
            Do not be fooled by this article. It contains no shattering revelation about the future Kaamelott film (s) that its creator, Alexandre Astier, has promised us for a long time. To wait, it's a beautiful object that
fans – and less fans – of the series will be able to afford:
a complete DVD and Blu-Ray HD six seasons, or "Books", as well as many bonuses.

Kaamelott, The Six BooksOn October 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray.A small teaser of an unpublished bonus: //t.co/tXgFv0YISQ pic.twitter.com/EzJ1tf1CeW- Alexandre Astier (@sgtpembry) July 6, 2018
Created in 2005, Kaamelott stopped in 2009 after a sixth season in the unfinished plot. Alexandre Astier wishes to complete his saga with, if possible, a
trilogy of long films in the cinema. But the project stumbles on "not very exciting" financial issues, explains
 the demiurge who, besides the purse strings, controls almost everything of his creation.

You seem very proud of this integral that will take time to see the light of day.

If she had to do an integral, she had to have a mouth. The aficionados of Kaamelott already have the boxes but this object will be rather useful for more occasional spectators who were subjected to chaotic television broadcasts, in truncated versions or in the disorder … In addition it was the occasion to show the version all in HD. That people can enjoy their stuff … Paradoxically, the first books were never published in HD while Kaamelott was the first French series entirely shot in HD.

Why publish now an integral? Is it a goodbye to Kaamelott?

I felt like that was the end of the series. Like a stone on the wall. It's also useful for me to have an object that acts as an archive. I am sensitive to these symbols.

With success, I won a freedom, the series was emancipated. It's rare, even unique.

Kaamelott fans often like to watch the show in binge-watching. Yet it did not exist at the time of the creation of the series?

If, yes, it existed but the word not yet. Me, I am stuffed boxes of Friends for example. But Kaamelott on the first four books do not lend themselves too much, with this aperitif format interspersed with generics. On the other hand, books V and VI can be viewed as a long film.

On the tone too, Kaamelott evolved over the six seasons …

Yes, it has changed jaws. This integral also allows to watch the progress of things. I am very proud of it. With success, I won a freedom, the series was emancipated. It's rare, even unique. Kaamelott is the story of a work that frees itself from its format and its hut.

Alexandre Astier in Kaamelott – J.Morell / M6Are you planning to integrate foreign versions of Kaamelott in the DVD box?

Not because it was a little missed. Foreign producers did not have the right to write the texts, they could only translate mine. And they interpreted that only from the angle of the schoolboy without understanding where the series was going. I told them, at one point, that they only took the cheese au gratin from above without taking the dish that was underneath. They were quickly in a bind.

You explained that the Italian version, for example, was trapped in caricatured characters by the interpretation of local comedians.

Yes, Guinevere's interpreter was not an actress or actress, but rather a TV star, I believe. When I write, I write for actors. My writing spirit works like this. I do not believe in characters, I believe in actors. If we stay at the level of the clichés on the characters of Kaamelott – Perceval is silly, Leodagan is severe, Bohort is effeminate … – we miss the point. For the character Guinevere, I wrote a role of naive, not silly, because its interpreter Anne Girouard is a veteran actress. Playing things as hard as fake stupidity, it confides in great professionals, not fun.

I need the characters to be small in the background.

Have you ever imagined making Kaamelott live in the theater?

I never really considered it because I do not feel it like that. In the theater I want to see something else. Kaamelott's principle is to show ineffective people, and human in fact, in the face of very big projects, like the search for the Grail or the kingdom of Logres. I need the characters to be small in the background. Kaamelott is a saga that needs the artifice of cinema. I'm not sure seeing flesh-and-blood characters is a good idea. Imagine the guy parking his car, enter the theater, present his ticket, turn off his phone … It is too much in reality. I adapted Kaamelott into comics because it allows fantastic scenery. We can do an adventure.

Apart from comics, there are very few Kaamelott derivatives. It's yours?

Yes. I try to supervise everything because I want the stuff that comes out to be really cool. Everything about Kaamelott requires a lot of work, it's often very difficult to do, so I like managing my unreleased. There is a lot of waiting and I like to make surprises myself. I would love to have geek products around Kaamelott, t-shirts, mugs … It's a job.

And maybe you prefer to focus your energy on film production?

Today, as soon as I do something, a video, a
Asterix or I tie my laces, there are fans of Kaamelott who fall on me to tell me that I'm wasting my time and that I should focus on the movies … But we can do his laces and a film at the same time. People do not realize that I am not alone on this project. It is an industry and we are at a stage where we are raising money, among other things. Because if there is film, it will not be cheap. Several hours of vintage movies, it is expensive.

Fans are on the lookout for any news on this project …

Yes but I decided that there would be more half-announcements. Either the film is made and I will make the announcement. Either it is not done and there will be no announcement. Today, I have no announcements to make.

Beyond the financial aspect, you continue to feed the world of Kaamelott, with readings for example?

Not really. It's been a long time since I've taken archaeological news from Kaamelott. And that's all I'm interested in because, as far as the mythological aspect is concerned, I created my own from what Mr. and Mrs. Everybody know about the Arthurian myth. That is, not much. And as many authors of the Middle Ages to the present day I recomposed, remodeled around, I did that to my sauce.

The music you compose has an important place in Kaamelott.

Absolutely. In my case, music precedes a lot of things including filming. Usually, on a film, the composer works during post-production and works on editing. Me, as I do all this, I would not have time to compose during the postproduction of a film, it is necessary that the music is ready before.

So are you currently composing music for Kaamelott?

So, well tried, but I can not answer that, otherwise it would be a kind of announcement that the film will be made.

Of course, the film is hoped by the fans but since Kaamelott is the story of a depression, that of Arthur, and that one never heals of a depression, the plot could as well stay like that, in outstanding. No ?

If, absolutely, it would not be tragic or unfinished. We do not have to solve the characters who are in such doubt. But when you fight against a depression, you go out and go back. It's handy for writing … And I really like Arthur, because he's human, he hesitates. In Hollywood movies around Iron Man, they took away alcoholism. It's too bad. What I like about Asterix is ​​its French color, even Franchoise that Uderzo and Goscinny have immediately stuck: the grumpiness, cynicism. Asterix gets angry, and in The cauldron, he cries, he is banished from the village … A hero is not a hero all the time. And sometimes it's too hard for him. I find it beautiful and that's why I have a lot of pride in introducing Arthur to children. He is a beautiful hero.

Alexandre Astier in Kaamelott – J.Morell / M6Fin the interview

As a bonus, the question we could not ask because we thought about it too late

If Alexandre Astier is proud to present his Arthur to children, how is it that in the last lines of dialogue of the final season of Kaamelott, Arthur fears to be seen by children with wrist scars that shows that he attempted to commit suicide, and claimed a bandage, saying: "I am King Arthur. I do not despair. I never lose heart. I am a model for children. "?

Answer in the upcoming movies Alexander?







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