Lyons fans left to follow the end of career of "legend" Lisandro Lopez in Argentina


                Hugo, Rico and Thibaut were able to attend last August's meeting between the Lisandro Racing Club and River Plate (0-0). – @hpbboss
            Lisandro Lopez made a clear impression on OL, from 2009 to 2013, as a moving farewell to Gerland.
Absolute fan of the Argentine striker, the Lyonnais Lucas (23 years old) took advantage of an internship opportunity abroad to go five months in Buenos Aires, in particular to follow the probable last season of the career of "Licha " (35 years).
Four other OL fans visited Lucas in Argentina, obviously taking care to include matches from the Lisandro Racing Club during their stay.

When Lucas (23) had the opportunity to do a five-month internship abroad as part of his Master 2 in Political Science in Lyon, he did not hesitate a long time. "My choice was clearly oriented by football. Buenos Aires is the dream for football fans. And when I saw that
Lisandro Lopez was still playing at the Racing Club, I thought '' vamos ''. "

An almost perfect alignment of the planets allowed this regular from OL's south turn to watch 25 games in the many clubs in the city … and enjoy a current Lisandro top scorer in the Argentinean championship (6 goals in 8 days) to 35 years. Because besides two meetings in the mythical
Bombonera of Boca Juniors, the young Lyonnais has already made eight trips to the Cilindro d'Avellaneda, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, to support the Racing Club of the former striker of the OL (from 2009 to 2013) . With a first appointment for the least particular on April 20th.

Muchaaaaaaaachos traigan vino juega the acade @CanchaArgentina Tito (@ BeRbAtOv69) September 17, 2018
"At Racing, there is really only for him"

"It was against Vasco da Gama in Copa Libertadores. Lisandro missed two penalties in the first period. I was afraid of bad luck. But the guy is persevering and he scored on his third attempt that day (4-0), celebrating as always his achievement with a finger pointing to his head. "Finding him, after all this time and in a crazy atmosphere, it was a bit like a dream," says Lucas. In addition, in his club of Racing, there is really only for him, especially since the departure of Lautaro Martinez at Inter Milan. We feel a player on a mission, ready to do anything to win his first title with Racing [son premier et donc dernier club pro]. "

When we know how much the club dimension supplants the individualities in the culture of bends, how could the four Lyon seasons of Lisandro so push Lucas to find him in Buenos Aires? "'Juni' is my idol of childhood and '' Licha '' that of my adolescence, he summarizes. From his goal on free kick to 90th for
his first match in Ligue 1 at Le Mans (2-2 in August 2009), I liked his character, his grinta. He's the central player in our 2010 Champions League semifinals. It's a legend for me. I cried for goodbye against Nice in 2013. "

"It's as if he had become Lyon"

An emotion shared by his friends Alexis, Hugo, Rico and Thibaut, who all wanted to spend a few weeks in Argentina, especially to see Lisandro play, five years after leaving Lyon. "It's pretty crazy, because it has not changed, appreciates Hugo, who attended the draw in August against River Plate (0-0). He is the captain of Racing at the age of 35, and at the beginning of the warm-up, he is the one who comes out ten meters ahead of all these teammates. It's a real idol there. "

¡VAMOS LACADE! (Licha who comes first in the field as an exemplary captain 😍) HugOL (@hpbboss) August 10, 2018
# RacingBoca⚽️🎓Lisandro, Capitán Nuestro, el goleador del puntero del campeonato 1️⃣5️⃣ 😀👈 Racing Club (@RacingClub) October 8, 2018
Alexis (23), who experienced Sunday's draw (2-2) Racing against Boca Juniors, claims to have "more celebrated" the double of Lisandro than Lyon goals this season. "As much as we always follow the careers of our young trained at OL such as Lacazette, Umtiti and Tolisso, this desire is much rarer for a foreign player spent with us, he says. But Lisandro, it's as if he had become Lyon, it was the soul of our team. "

My room when I was a teenager 😭❤I slept for years under the article of progress that formalized the arrival of Licha (under the sling) Let me tell you that I was not a half fanboy Lisandro dream to see him play again .. And in addition doubled against BocaAAAAAHH ❤ San Umtiti (@lichalexis) October 8, 2018
Lisandro or "shadow leadership"

Hugo rightly extends what connects OL fans to the former Argentine international, winner of only one trophy with Lyon, the 2012 Coupe de France, which turns out to be the club's last title.

"He has an incredible temperament and shadow leadership that makes him want to go to war with him. And it's really a sincere and simple man, with whom we would drink a mate. "

With their equally authentic approach, the five friends sparked the curiosity of Racing fans, with the club's store staff even taking pictures with them. "It amused them to see we were all dressed in Lisandro. It's as if a relationship was created between our two clubs, via the career of '' Licha ''. We even met at the stadium an Argentinian wearing a jersey OL flock Lacazette ", laughs Lucas.

"I would like to tell him how much I love him"

Finally, the person, who should announce his retirement at the end of the season, would he still have his place in Lyon alongside Memphis Depay and Nabil Fekir? Even with the eyes of love, all agree to answer negatively. "The Argentine league is still much weaker and slower. Lisandro has reinvented himself but he does not have the same speed as at the time, "says Lucas. "And then, to remove it from this city and this stage would be inhuman, it shows that it is too good", complete
Hugo (23 years old).

# RacingVelez ⚽️🎓Con este gol of Licha, La Academia gana 1-0. Racing Club (@RacingClub) August 19, 2018
After a stay between Peru and Chile with Alexis, Lucas will attend with him, on October 28, at Racing Club-San Lorenzo. He will see Lisandro for the last time before finding his life in Lyon. "I already regret not being there to live the end of the championship, he sighs. I wish Licha would win the title before retiring. And even if I'm afraid of annoying him, I'd like to tell him how much I love him before going home. Lisandro, if you look at us …







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