One in five employees share their password by email with their colleagues

According to a new report, small and medium-sized businesses face nearly 4,000 cyber attacks per day in the United States. Small businesses are even more likely to be targeted by malicious hackers, but the actions of employees and small business leaders reveal that little is actually done to address the neglect.
Switchfast, a Chicago-based SMB consultancy, surveyed more than 600 small business and small business executives about their cybersecurity habits. She wanted to find out how employee behaviors are contributing to the growing number of cyberattacks against small businesses – and how companies can begin to tackle poor cyberhealth and mitigate risk.
Cyber ​​attacks have huge consequences for businesses. The survey found that three out of five small businesses (60%) that have been breached are likely to close within six months.
Unfortunately, small businesses take risks by trusting their employees. They do not have the manpower these companies need to handle things like computer and security.
They do not prioritize security education and best practices: 35% of employees and 51% of managers are convinced that their company is not a target for cybercriminals.
This relaxed attitude towards cyber threats often leads to reactive policies that can not mitigate damage in the event of a disaster. The survey reveals that two-thirds (66%) of SME managers connect to public Wi-Fi to work, while 44% of SME employees do the same. Connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot in a café or in the hotel lobby can cause immense damage to a small business.
Hackers can launch man-in-the-middle attacks or distribute malicious programs when users connect to private servers over open Wi-Fi networks.
More than three in five managers and managers (62%) use their work computer to access social media accounts, while only 44% of employees do so. Finally, one in five (22%) and 19% of employees share their password by email with colleagues or assistants.

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