The Big Bang Theory: The Season of Too?


It is not a mystery that I really like the series The Big Bang Theory. So I waited with great impatience for season 11, which unfortunately did not live up to my expectations. Spoiler alert: if you have not seen seasons 10 and 11 yet, some passages may reveal the plot. The lassitude of the geekUnlike other seasons, science – in the broadest sense – is less present in the season 11. At most we have an episode that explains in a simple and clear way the operation of Bitcoin and its management but it remains quite slim. While the success of the series was also based on its ability to popularize certain scientific themes, in this last season, we see that our favorite geeks are concerned about issues much more personal. Nevertheless, what I want to call the lassitude of the geek is well explained because we all go through a moment when we wonder if we do not want to change direction, even if we would like his preferred field . After a few years, one wonders about the relevance of continuing to persevere in this way. This question had already been discussed with Sheldon Cooper wishing to abandon the study of string theory for another subject but in season 11, it is all the characters who are affected by this lassitude of the geek. The intelligence of the demonstration lies in its exploitation: it does not matter whether one has succeeded or not in one's chosen field, one does not escape this questioning and this lassitude is also felt in the personal choices of the protagonists. In the season 10, we had stopped with the great epiphany of Sheldon who asks Amy in marriage. It seems that all couples who decide to cross the course, find it difficult to organize what must be the best day of their lives, at least, is this how the company tries to sell us the idea since the night the times. But Sheldon would not be Sheldon if he did not make things more complex and the scriptwriters decided to focus on their marriage while Bernadette and Howard or Penny and Leonard had only taken a few episodes. This stretching of the matrimonial plot is dragging on and Bernadette's new pregnancy does not help. As in previous seasons, she does not live well and wonders about her lifestyle choices. Similarly, Amy and Léonard personally do not move forward: they continue to live in semi-collocation with Sheldon, while stagnating in their professional careers. What about Raj? We had waited for 10 seasons to come out of his shell and if in this last, he finally starts to take a little insurance, he is always as clumsy with women and we despair that he can find his half 'orange. A nice finale That the reader is reassured: all is not lost in the season 11 and I admit that the last two episodes of the season are my favorites, especially when it is evoked the possibility of taking The Walking Dead as thematic of marriage. But we feel that the series is coming to an end and will definitely end with the twelfth season. It is with some regret that I leave my scientists crazy but I would console myself with Young Sheldon – which is finally broadcast in France. This series will have brilliantly taken up the challenge of popularizing scientific concepts and making them want to be interested in them, better than any communication campaign.

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