The Booba Method, or Self-Staging in Three Lessons


                Booba, the king of storytelling. – SYSPEO / SIPA
            Four days after the judgment of his trial with Kaaris, the rapper ambiancera nearly 40,000 spectators during a monumental concert at Paris La Defense Arena.
An eventful life that B2O likes to comment and stage, on social networks or in his music, raising storytelling in art.

Booba at the helm, Booba releases a new single, Booba takes care of his children, Booba launches a mysterious project, Booba … The Duke of Boulogne is everywhere, and on all fronts. Tuesday, he was
18 months in prison suspended for fighting at Orly airport. On Saturday, the rapper will give a monumental concert at Paris La Défense Arena, in front of an audience of nearly 40,000 spectators. This could be called "la vida loca" (click
 here for the nullos in Spanish).

An eventful life that B2O likes to comment and stage, on social networks or in his music, raising storytelling in art. Demonstration in three lessons.

Booba the judicial chronicler

"When I grow up, I would like to be Benalla or a pedophile monk. 10 years for a fight, is it with or without streaming? # Uneépoqueformidable ". On August 21, Booba was swinging this pithy tweet, live from the zonzon. Judicially, the rapper did not pray for his comment. A little penchant for the provoc but also a way to "note the hypocrisy of the system, sentences sometimes ill-suited to crime, while highlighting the media aspect of this trial," says Kathryn Kleppinger, a teacher at George University Washington, a specialist in contemporary French culture, particularly the perception of French rap in the public sphere. Last made in late last week, when the rapper unveiled one of his mother's messages. "Yesterday went to my hairdresser's. She told me that her clients aged 50 to 70 had told her that "to fight with Chanel flasks is the class! "They added that you are very beautiful." Thug life is obviously family.

Booba the king of the clash

In parallel with his chronicles, B2O does not forget to scratch his opponents. Tuesday, a few hours after the decision of the court of Créteil, the rapper went directly to Kaaris, his best enemy. "I know one who will eat pasta for a few years," he was joking about a story Insta, referring to the fine of 50,000 euros that have been plucked by the two rappers. An IRL clash that could feed future titles of Booba, like old scrambles (in Pink Carton, he particularly attacked Sinik). According to Kathryn Kleppinger, "to understand certain songs you have to understand what is happening to you on the periphery of your music. His tracks and albums refer to specific facts, besides he does not try to separate his life and his art. It purposely presents itself as a set of artistic and media activities ".

Booba n ° 1

Boss of the French rap game, Booba is no less an entrepreneur. Between a message of his "daronne" and the video of a cover of one of his titles, the rapper also takes the opportunity to make the promo for his whiskey D.U.C, bottle in hand.

Whether it is for the autopromo, his legal difficulties or his music, the rapper is in permanent representation and constantly blurs the borders between private life and public life. A sense of staging, serving his business and his music. "Last week he noted that his new BB song is # 1 on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer," says Kathryn Kleppinger. We can say that this is a strategy to give it more legitimacy and cultural power, despite its legal difficulties. It's a way of saying he's always on top, no matter what happens with the judgment this week. " No offense to his detractors.







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