The floor of Nanterre opens an investigation


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            Nanterre prosecutors said Thursday to have opened an investigation for dissemination of violent images including, after the broadcast on social networks videos showing a man impaled on a sidewalk, then dying in a hospital in the Hauts-de-Seine.

An investigation, entrusted to the crime against the person, was opened Wednesday evening for "dissemination of violent message" and "invasion of privacy, subject to the complaint of rights holders," said the prosecutor's office to AFP, confirming information from the Parisian.

"Violation of professional secrecy"

On the same day, the victim's father had denounced a "marked attack on the dignity of the victim" and an "abject" voyeurism, after the broadcast of these viral videos showing the man falling from a building, then during his resuscitation. at the hospital Beaujon de Clichy before he succumbs.

The General Inspectorate of the National Police has also been seized of an investigation for "breach of professional secrecy" by the Paris police headquarters, a first video coming from CCTV cameras. In these images, we can see a computer screen filmed with a mobile phone and on this screen, we can see a body falling suddenly, then stay frozen in a sitting position on the sidewalk of a Paris street. Voices comment on the scene: "He took the pole?" Asked a first male voice. "Yeah, he's impaled on the pole," a second man replies.

AP-HP, who also conducted an internal investigation, confirmed that a video was shot in the hospital where the patient was brought in by the fire department. We can hear the author of this video exclaim: "Oh misery! Oh damn! Oh fuck! Ah! But what horror! What a horror, "he added with a sneer:" It's good, he's saved, so! "







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