The hour of the American dream? "Everything is reunited" for the sale of the club to GACP


                Joseph DaGrosa, smiling, alongside Alain Juppé and Nicolas de Tavernost. – Nicolas Tucat / AFP
            Joseph DaGrosa had a great oral interview with Bordeaux Métropole.
Nothing stands in the way of the sale of the Girondins de Bordeaux to GACP.
The new owners will choose a French president but not a former player.

"We have Mbappé, next season. Loan ! He told us so, "this joke of an elected representative of Bordeaux at the end of the audition of Joseph DaGrosa in front of the council of Bordeaux Métropole summarizes well the atmosphere around the great oral of the future buyer of the
Girondins of Bordeaux. Long awaited, he thus "went very well with a person who had worked well on his file and who answered all the questions without blinking," slip another elected.

Moreover, the chairman of the US investment fund GACP "appreciated the moment" while recalling that "the process had been very long. Maybe too long for his taste. But today, there is no longer any barrier to the sale of the Girondins de Bordeaux. "Everything is together to let this operation unfold" launched a smiling
Alain Juppé before the vote of his elected officials by a show of hands, this Friday morning. The president of Bordeaux Métropole even took the opportunity to already thank the current owner, M6, "for his investment in the club" since 1999.

Joseph DaGrosa answered questions from elected officials and journalists. – Nicolas Tucat / AFP DaGrosa has a mandate to run the club on a daily basis

Even the most worried people seem reassured after this hearing, like the Socialist Véronique Ferreira: "I felt that there is a real personal desire of Mr DaGrosa to invest. It's very positive. I would have just liked to see
King Street since financially, it will be this investment fund that will own the club. On this point, the elected officials had confirmation that the president of GACP had had a mandate to run the club on a daily basis.

Alain Juppé also obtained commitments on the future of the club in the medium term. A club that M6 "leaves in good shape, Nicolas de Tavernost recalls, it will be in surplus for this season financially. Now remains to know the scale of American investments? GACP is expected to invest 80 million euros in two years and Joseph DaGrosa has promised not to make "player trading": "We do not rely on the sale of players to achieve our goals in terms of revenue. We will not sell our best players but only those who will not have time to play. "

Girondins de Bordeaux: If GACP buys the club, Stéphane Martin will no longer be the president via @ 20minutesSport 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) October 10, 2018
As for the future organization chart of the club, the buyer has not yet chosen the new president: "We are in the final selection. According to our information, he will be a recognized personality in Bordeaux but not a former player. Meanwhile Joseph DaGrosa is said "very excited" to resume the club. And he promises: "We want to take care of the Girondins! "







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