The spectator injured at one eye by a golf ball lost her sight


                A spectator of the Ryder Cup lying on the ground, touched in the face by a golf ball. – FRANCK FIFE / AFP
            The spectator injured by a golf ball sent by American Brooks Koepka Friday morning in a doubles match
the Ryder Cup, at
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, lost the sight of the right eye, she told AFP Monday night. "The CT scan confirmed [vendredi] a fracture of the right eye and an explosion of the eyeball" which however could be "sewn" by the surgeons. "But they told me that I had lost sight of this eye, which has just been confirmed today," said 49-year-old Corine Remande, who met Monday night when she left the Lyonnais hospital. of Croix-Rousse. "In the best case, she was told that she could see forms when the edema will be resorbed within a month," said her husband Raphael.

Specially arrived in France for the Ryder Cup, this expatriate couple in Egypt, "golf aficionado", says he is "angry" against the organizers of this competition between the best European and American players. They "did not seek to meet [Corine Remande] to get news" and "make things last to establish the accident report". "Very clearly, there is a responsibility of the organizers," says Corine Remande. She denounces the fact that "the course marshal did not shout warning when the player's ball went out into the public".

A complaint filed Tuesday

The couple joined their lawyer to file a complaint on Tuesday. "I especially want good medical care to avoid the risk of infection," she says. But his "goal" is also "to improve safety on golf courses because it's not just the show". Contacted by email by AFP, the European PGA Tour replied that it was going to "investigate" the incident, which "would take some time".

"It happened so fast, I did not feel the pain on the spot, I did not feel like I got the bullet in the eye and then I felt the blood that was starting to to sink, "said Corine Remande. She says she "enjoyed the golfer's gesture" Brooks Koepka ran to the venue to apologize. "I positivé with him so that it remains in its concentration, underlines it. But once evacuated, it was radio silence of the organizers. "

The accident happened Friday around 9:30, on the hole n ° 6 of the route of the Albatross. While American Brooks Koepka, winner of the US Open and PGA Championship this year, sent his drive, the shot of departure left very left of the fairway, among the crowd. Assisted by the rescuers, the victim was then transferred late morning to the emergency department of the ophthalmology hospital of Quinze-Vingts in Paris. She was then taken to Lyon where her parents live because she is no longer allowed to fly to Egypt.







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