The two ships collided north of Cape Corsica were separated


                Extrication in Cap Corse following the collision between the Ro-ro Ulysses and the Cypriot freighter Virginia. – Navy
            Two extrication attempts had already been made.
The ship Ulysses remains on zone until reassessment of the situation this Friday.
All day Thursday, oil recovery operations continued.

The two ships colliding on Sunday north-west of Cape Corsica separated Thursday night, said the maritime prefecture of Toulon (southeastern France).

"Under the combined effect of swell movements and previous attempts at extrication, the Ulysses ship has freed itself from the Virginia container ship," the prefecture said in a statement.

#CollisionEnCorse Breaking news: Under combined effect swell movements and previous extrication attempts, Ulysses moved and then released from Virginia around 21:30. Ulysses stays on the spot. All means on area mobilized to secure ships and preserve environment. Mediterranean Prémar (@Premarmed) October 11, 2018
Hydrocarbon recovery operations

An anti-pollution dam was deployed along the Virginia, the container carrier struck by the Tunisian Ulysse on Sunday while anchored 28 km offshore in offshore waters.

"The ship Ulysses remains on zone until reassessment of the situation in the day of October 12," the statement said.

The Virginia did not leave its anchorage point, adds the prefecture. Several French rescue ships are present in the accident area "to ensure the safety of ships and preserve the environment," added the prefecture.

All day Thursday, oil recovery operations continued. The flights of two aircraft made it possible to follow the location.

Wednesday evening, nearly 150 m3 of hydrocarbon / seawater mixture had been recovered.

Eight boats to conduct operations

An underwater video of the experts made it possible to see where the hammer spike of the Tunisian rollercoaster Odysseus, chartered by the Tunisian Navigation Company (CTN), caused a breach in the container ship Cypriot CLS Virginia, of where a slick of 600 tons of fuel oil had escaped.

Two extrication attempts had already been made.

Eight boats, four French and four Italian, are on hand to conduct all operations.

The investigation into this collision is being conducted by the Paris public prosecutor's office. According to the maritime prefect, about twenty people of the Virginia crew are on board, and 45 on the Ulysses.







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