Tokyo wants to go quickly on welcoming foreign workers


                A day of strong heat in Tokyo (illustration). – Koji Sasahara / AP / SIPA
            Shortage of manpower in Japan. The Japanese government said Friday it wants to quickly introduce a bill allowing the reception of more foreign workers to partially address the lack of labor already severely affecting certain sectors.

"As soon as possible," said the spokesman of the executive, Yoshihide Suga, questioned about the date when the text would be submitted to Parliament.

Implementation could begin in April 2019.

A visa to work for five years

The government plans to create a new visa status that will in theory allow immigrants with qualifications lower than those usually required, to enter the Japanese territory to work for five years.

Candidates must nevertheless meet certain requirements, including the ability to have Japanese language skills that allow them "not to encounter a handicap in everyday life", which means that it takes several years of learning behind.

Those with the highest qualifications and a high level of language in Japan could benefit from a longer residence permit and be allowed to come with their families.

Agriculture and building industry lack of arms

However, the immigration policy of Japan, a rather closed country, "does not change," insisted Yoshihide Suga, anxious to reassure the population prompt to fear the influx of foreigners.

The fields of agriculture, retail, construction, care of the elderly or young children lack of arms, the Japanese reluctant to enter because of harsh working conditions and wages that are not attractive .

According to official statistics, Japan had about 1.28 million foreign workers in 2017 out of a population of 128 million. More than one-third (459,000 persons) are spouses or wives of Japanese nationals, South Koreans who have been in Japan for a very long time but who have kept their original nationality or descendants of Japanese nationality. having emigrated.







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