VIDEO. Longest flight, world tour … Immediate takeoff to some aerial feats


                19 hours non-stop to cover the 16,667 kilometers between Singapore and New York. – AFP PHOTO / SINGAPORE AIRLINES
            Admit, when you look up and cross a plane in the sky, you can not help wondering what its final destination is. And there, your eyes are illuminated: New York? Tokyo? The Bahamas?
In a few moments, you are transported. Ah, if only …
Perhaps you will meet this Thursday the A350-900 of Singapore Airlines which travels non-stop the 16,667 kilometers separating Singapore from New York.

It is also an opportunity to review some of the highlights of civil and commercial aviation.

Did you know when was the first flight ticket purchased? When was the first non-stop transatlantic flight? That the world tour will perhaps be done soon with a snap of a finger?

The shortest regular flight in the world connects two Scottish islands. A journey of two kilometers and a duration of barely two minutes. Go, take off immediately!







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