Video represents a quarter of online advertising


Advertising expenses are increasing and video is for something. According to the analysis of the eMarketer website, online video ads account for 25% of all digital advertising among our neighbors across the Atlantic. There, spending on video advertising should reach $ 27.8 billion soon and it's Facebook that rubs its hands the most. For social networks like Twitter and Snapchat, video advertising accounts for more than half of their advertising revenue. On the side of the Social Network, this represents a little less with 30% of advertising revenue, but it is more than enough to occupy the first place in the ranking.In some figures: Facebook and Instagram generated $ 6.81 billion with video advertising to United States is twice as much as YouTube and its 3.36 billion dollars, Twitter and Snapchat are doing relatively well with respectively 633.3 and 397.3 million dollars from video ads. eMarketer's observations, the giant Mark Zuckerberg would focus 87% of spending on video advertising on social networks in the United States. Fuck! It's not nothing … but you should know that YouTube is not considered a social network by eMarketer. However, professionals are predicting double-digit growth for Facebook by 2020. But is YouTube really lagging behind? Not really … If the figures of Facebook are twice as high, the Marketingland website states that the costs are higher for the streaming platform. If you look at the net income and not the gross revenue, YouTube should probably be in front of Facebook. On Wall Street, some estimate that total advertising revenue of YouTube would be around $ 15 billion. However, video is the number one advertising vector today. This is the preferred format of brands and advertisers, who did not know it until today, are very interested in it. Growth and incomes should therefore not weaken; on the contrary!

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